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Corporate film: 24 questions to ask for a customer interview

Aurélien Deslandes
Aurélien Deslandes
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The realization of a corporate film interview is a major asset of a digital strategy. In terms of credibility, it is a means of promoting its image by relying on the opinion of customers and their feelings. Giving a voice to your target market is a pledge of trust, sharing and encourages commitment and loyalty. This exercise requires a certain amount of preparation in order to successfully complete the filming phase. The final production also involves your client's image and must be professional.

Why include a testimonial in your corporate film?

There are many ways to promote your products or services. Customer testimonials help to legitimize your commercial arguments and give your target audience the opportunity to identify themselves by highlighting similar issues.

It is possible to obtain written customer testimonials, for example by using your Google listing. However, the strength and credibility of these is not as significant as if your client is willing to take his time, physically appear in front of the camera and testify about his user experience.

Your corporate film shooting

A customer interview is being prepared. From the choice of the interviewee to the scenario of the video and the shooting location, this preliminary phase is key to the success of your video. By deciding to do this exercise, you are not only putting your credibility with the client at stake, but also his credibility.

The customer's choice

The choice of the interviewee is very important. It is necessary to choose the typical profile that best represents all of your customers so that your prospects can identify themselves. You are not going to solicit clients with whom you have had some conflicts in the past or even with whom you have no affinity. You must give preference to customers with whom you have a certain proximity. 

A client interview request can be more complex than it seems. Indeed, some people may be embarrassed to speak, but also to be filmed and broadcast to the public. This is why it is important to select in advance profiles with whom the contact is fluid.

Finally, don't be afraid to define the benefits for your client that lend themselves to the game. You can offer them a discount on a future purchase or simply tell them that this video testimony will also be an opportunity for them to showcase their company.

The location of the shooting

The location where you shoot your customer interview will have an impact on the reach of the message conveyed. You can interview your clients in their office, but also in yours. The goal is to find an appropriate location so that your clients are comfortable. It is recommended that the filming take place at your client's workplace. This will allow you to make illustrative shots and thus accentuate the situation and thus the truthfulness of what was said.

Be attentive to the professionalism developed in the technical organization of the shooting. Choose two cameras to have two different angles of view. The addition of lights can be decisive depending on the location. Finally, do not hesitate to ask for a professional service provider so that a cameraman can assist you during the shooting.

The interview scenario

Having found your client, it is now time to develop the script for this interview. Do not hesitate to propose to the interviewees to express themselves freely on one of the subjects they consider relevant! Nevertheless, you can guide them through the questions asked. These questions can be provided to your clients beforehand. The overall structure as well as examples of achievements will allow them to project themselves into the final achievement you are looking for.

Questions to ask for your corporate film

To make your customer testify about the advantages of your products or services, you need to create a process in which your company will not be the only one to be put forward. The strength of the message will be the more important if you first get to know the interviewee. Thus, the first phase is the presentation of your client, the second phase allows you to underline the issues related to the services or products you offer. Then comes the presentation of your solution that allowed your client to solve his problems. Finally, your customer can open up the future of your collaboration.

Presenting your client

Here are some questions for your client to introduce himself:

  • Can you introduce yourself in a few words?
  • Can you tell us about your company?
  • What is your position within the company?
  • How long have you been working in your company?
  • What are your missions?
  • Who is your target audience?

These questions will allow your potential customers to identify themselves, but also to put forward their products and services as well as their business. This step is crucial because it will allow your audience to evaluate the sincerity of the testimony and therefore the importance they can give it.

Emphasize the issues related to your services/products

Here are some questions to help you highlight your client's issues:

  • What are your daily problems?
  • What difficulties do you encounter when practicing your profession?
  • Why has the use of services/products been laborious until now?
  • What support did you have before using our services/products?
  • How much did you spend before using our services/products?
  • How many employees were involved before using our services/products?

Taking stock of the situation prior to the establishment of your services/products allows your future clients to project their current situations and problems onto your client's case. Anticipating this second question when preparing the brief allows you to choose the client most representative of the problems generally encountered. If your clients do not individually meet all the issues you wish to address, do not hesitate to conduct several client interviews.

Highlighting the solution provided

Here are some questions to help your client highlight the solution:

  • Can you describe the evolution observed following the implementation of our services/products?
  • How much have our services/products enabled you to save?
  • What was the impact on your daily life?
  • What was the impact on your team?
  • What was the impact on your customers?
  • How long did it take to onboard the services/products?

Once the issues have been exposed, it is now time to talk about the solution you were able to provide. The questions will guide the answers you want. Be careful however not to delegate this part too much. The more natural the speech will be, the more credibility and impact on your prospects will be important.

Opening on future needs

Here are some questions to help your client open up to future needs:

  • What are the next steps?
  • Any advice for companies that are hesitating to opt for our services/products?
  • What are the next steps?
  • What are the tracks of improvement of our services/products?
  • How do you imagine the market for our services/products in the coming years?
  • What similar issues are you facing today?

Minidoc production agency by your side

Whether during the script development phase, during the shooting or during post-production, Minidoc video agency assists you. Take advantage of our expertise to professionally carry out all the necessary steps for the realization of your customer testimonial film.

Prepare your shooting with serenity

When the brief is being drafted, Minidoc agency will be with you to structure the questions to be asked to your client so that nothing is neglected. You will also be accompanied on the choice of the shooting location or on the mistakes to anticipate in order not to lose time.

Develop a professional methodology

If you wish to be present during the shooting, you will have the possibility to exchange serenely with your client by relying on the cameraman concerning the technical part. The cameraman will also be able to ask questions to your client if you do not wish to intervene on this part.

Stay within your budget

Minidoc offers transparent pricing with a ½ day (4 hours) of shooting at €350 excl taxes. No hidden travel, lodging or catering costs! Everything is included in the price, allowing you to project yourself with confidence on the total cost of your customer testimonial.


Aurélien Deslandes
Aurélien Deslandes
Published on