How to make an effective video for Instagram? By Minidoc
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How to make an effective video for Instagram? By Minidoc

Paul Gauducheau
Paul Gauducheau
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For more than a decade, the use of social networks has had a significant impact in the development of corporate marketing strategies. Social networks have become an effective way for companies to become known more quickly and to boost sales of products or services. Instagram is an essential platform in the world of social networks. In this article, we show you how to use an explanatory video on Instagram for your marketing strategy.

Your explainer video on Instagram

There are a multitude of social networks aimed at all types of audiences and topics of interest. With more than one billion active users worldwide and around 24 million in the UK in 2020, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms and ideal for your corporate film to be delivered there.

Instagram statistics

Here are some data from the year 2019 in France that will help you decide to choose Instagram for your marketing strategy: 

- Generation Z (15-24 years old) was the largest user group - 69%

- 83% of users report discovering new products and services on Instagram

Topics of interest on Instagram

The topics of interest on Instagram are diverse, practically everything can be communicated on the platform, but the most successful topics are: fashion, catering, interior design, travel, animals, technology and sport.  

So if the products or services you wish to sell correspond to the above subjects, the use of an audiovisual communication on Instagram is for you!

The use of an explanatory video on Instagram

Although publications containing text and images are still used, the new challenge for marketers, if they want to survive on social networks, is the adoption of the video format. However, it is important to know that you cannot just "make" video.  There are a multitude of different types of videos that are available and applicable to every social network. Here's how you can use video to promote your business on Instagram as part of a well-organized marketing strategy.

Video Ads in the News Feed

With the look and feel of Instagram's standard publications, video ads integrate seamlessly with user flows, providing a more natural way to reach your target audience.

Since the "Feed" (Instagram's home page) is a place where most users scroll through and watch the content, videos embedded in the feed are the ideal placements to increase brand awareness. Many advertisers have seen increased engagement and sales when they use them as part of a combined marketing strategy (with Instagram Stories).

How to use Video Ads in News Feed

Create videos that blend naturally into Instagram feeds - they should never be too self-promotional. 

To increase engagement, use streaming videos whose content immediately captures viewers' attention and adds value by offering something relevant or useful, rather than pushing them to make a purchase.

Formats and specifications

Vertical video
- Resolution: 600 x 750 
- Aspect ratio: 4:5 
- Maximum size and length: 4 GB/60 seconds

Landscape video
- Resolution: 600 x 315 
- Aspect ratio: 1:91:1 
- Maximum size and length: 4 GB/60 seconds

Square video
- Resolution: 600 x 600 
- Aspect ratio: 1:1 
- Maximum size and length: 4 GB/60 seconds

Instagram Stories

These full-screen, time-limited video ads (which disappear after 24 hours) appear between the "stories" that millions of users watch every day. Instagram stories allow advertisers to choose from a wide range of features to enhance video ads with special effects, face filters, video effects and text overlays to create fun and interesting promotions.

How to use Instagram Stories?

As they appear for a limited period of 24 hours before disappearing, they are an excellent way to market limited time offers and promotions. Calls to action take the form of an interactive "Swipe-up" function that takes the user directly to your website or to another destination.

To maximise the exposure of your explanatory video, use 'stories' in tandem with standard publications. 

Formats and specifications:

Resolution: 600 x 1067

- Aspect ratio: 9:16 

-Maximum size and length: 4 GB/15 seconds

The "Instagram TV" feature - IGTV

Launched in 2018, Instagram TV (IGTV) offers long-running vertical video ads of up to one hour in length to challenge sites such as YouTube.

While the extended time limit allows for the airing of branded documentaries and shorts, the length of your video ads must be determined by your specific audience and by all that it takes to deliver a clear message that matches your brand identity.

How to use Instagram TV (IGTV)

Give your audience a glimpse of your brand with behind-the-scenes tours of your company, tutorials and other explanatory content.

If your goal is to use longer videos, find ways to attract viewers with TV-like content, such as episodic commercials that look like series on the small screen.

Create a variety of segments and let viewers know exactly what they can expect from you on IGTV. That way, they will be more likely to click "follow" to stay tuned to the next episodes.

Feel free to draw inspiration from the other channels on IGTV to find out what can work for your business and attract the most followers. 

The "Instagram Canvas" ads

Canvas ads allow you to create fast-loading, immersive videos for Instagram Stories that are optimised for smartphones for better viewing. Canvas ads eliminate the need for mobile users to visit external sites, which may load more slowly on smartphones (a major cause of site abandonment that negatively impacts conversion rates).

How to Use Instagram Canvas Ads

Make the most of the extra space by using an advertisement featuring a main image with three cards underneath to display more videos or images.

Attractive "call to actions" buttons allow you to click on "Canvas" in full screen mode within the application, encouraging more in-depth navigation.

This format is the ideal place to create a quick product catalogue, allowing consumers to learn more about certain items and click on your e-commerce site to purchase them.

How to engage your audience with your explanatory videos on Instagram

1. Think like a consumer and continually examine their needs

- Make the first few seconds relevant: In order for your followers to watch your video in its entirety, it is important to give them a reason to linger. Captivate them from the very first seconds with surprising images or a particular sequence.

- Quote your company from the start: Make sure you always promote your brand in the first few seconds of your videos. Instagram users are more likely to remember which brands were mentioned in the first three seconds of the videos.

- Present a solution: Once you have drawn the attention of your audience, identify possible requests and show how your product or service can meet them.

- Dedicate yourself to one thing at a time: Your video should focus on a specific topic, theme and purpose. Too much information can overwhelm and put off your audience. 

2. Stimulate commitment and participation

Add subtitles: To underline your point of view and reinforce your marketing message, consider integrating subtitles with dynamic effects without cluttering up the screen and interfering with the visuals. 

Add an attractive thumbnail to your explanatory video: Think carefully about how to integrate the thumbnail you will use in your video. An attractive thumbnail will make users click and watch your video. 

Use a clear and convincing "call to action": A strong "call to action" invites users to take action immediately. A few examples: Order now, contact us, download or try for free.

Feel free to use a little humour: Ads that evoke emotions such as laughter and happiness are more likely to have a higher engagement rate.

3. Think about do's and don'ts

- View your ads on a smartphone: Your video must be designed with the interface of a smartphone in mind. It is important that your video is in the right format and optimised for a better visual experience for your users. Promote full screen and keep your videos upright, the ideal format for your "Stories".

- Make sure your ads are short and enjoyable: On Instagram, the shorter videos have a higher engagement rate and longer viewing times. So consider posting videos that will take as little time as possible to view. 

- Don't overdo it: Prefer simple and user-friendly videos. Too many complexities will push your interlocutors to give up watching your video.

- Test each video ad and analyse the return on investment: Always make sure you make multiple versions of your video ads and test them to see which ones work best with your audience. Review and evaluate each video ad campaign to verify the quality and user experience.

Minidoc videos to feed your Instagram

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Paul Gauducheau
Paul Gauducheau
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