How to use your video presentation? By Minidoc
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How to use your video presentation? By Minidoc

Paul Gauducheau
Paul Gauducheau
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As an organization, you may already possess communication supports such as PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, PDFs, or even printouts. You may as well be using documents to highlight information about your company to your customers or employees. All these data can be transformed into a video presentation that will make your message accessible to a wider audience and facilitate its transmission. 

Video communication media presentation

Turning a PPT into video

PowerPoint is an essential communication support for companies that regularly use presentations to report, support sales arguments or present information. In terms of communicating your message to a large audience, a presentation does not allow a synthetic and didactic diffusion. Synthesized and structured into slides, you then have a document that is the same as a scenario. Once you have determined the duration of your video, you can group the elements by boards. You will need about 8 slides per minute of video to which will be added the intro and the outro. 

Depending on your skills, your budget and the time you can allocate to it, you have the possibility to do it yourself with the help of a motion design builder or to be accompanied by a video professional. Having done a significant part beforehand in the structure of your message, the cost should not exceed €500 per minute.

Dynamic newsletter in motion design

Do you have the habit of communicating your company's information once or twice a month through a newsletter? This will require the support of all your teams to select and structure the key information to put forward. The newsletter also represents a graphic work that reflects the image of your company and the positioning adopted. You can capitalize on this investment by distributing your newsletter more widely. The video support can take over to convey the key elements efficiently. Motion design lends itself well to this exercise by developing the graphic universe of your dynamic newsletter. Choosing to communicate using two different supports allows you to reach a larger community and increase the assimilation of the message.

Animate the information from a PDF

Whether it is for a report, financial presentation or simply for a poster, the PDF file is omnipresent. Synthesizing these elements in video ensures that the important points are properly conveyed. Unlike PowerPoint, the graphic universe of a PDF is not always developed. Nevertheless, all the information to be highlighted is present and the summary can be used as a frame. Animated computer graphics is a medium that lends itself particularly well to this type of presentation. Indeed, this video format allows you to condense important information and to make some figures digestible.

Which channel to use to broadcast a video?

To figure out where to broadcast your video, it is necessary to define the target. Social networks, emails, digital signage screens, online or during a presentation, you have many options to reach the target audience. The choice of the broadcasting channel(s) must be defined before launching the production to anticipate elements such as subtitling or resolution.

Social networks

Based on your target audience, use the presentation video to communicate on the right channel. Prefer short formats under 2 minutes and respect the format rules of each site. Adding subtitles to your video for social networks is almost indispensable! Keep in mind that 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed without sound.

The Email

Incorporating a video in an email increases the click rate from 200% to 300%. Whether in the body of your email or in the personalized signature, it is a great everyday tool to broadcast your video. Don't hesitate to regularly update the highlighted video to keep the interest of your interlocutors.

Digital Signage Screens

If you have a physical point of sale, digital signage screens or even shelves are tools that will allow you to broadcast your video and convey your messages to customers at the point of sale. Without owning these screens, you can communicate via advertisers. Note that the video format is essential. Don't forget to inquire about the resolution before the creation of your production. The addition of a soundtrack or not is also a key point because the diffusion on these supports is generally done without sound.

Embedding in a website

Product/service presentation videos allow your customers to quickly comprehend the advantages of your solutions without having to read all the explanatory texts on your website. To limit the weight of your page, you can upload your video on a host such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo and then integrate the link. Insivia estimates that your website will be 53 times more likely to be on the first page of Google if your homepage contains a video. If the objective is to realize an online communication campaign, ask beforehand about the display and the final format of your creation. For example, if the video is integrated into a banner, the resolution may be specific and the scenario as well as the organization of the graphic elements may be impacted by this format.

In a presentation

Video support is also a great ally for your presentations. Whether in internal communication or during customer meetings, video clarifies your message and supports your arguments. You can also use this tool to set the rhythm of your interventions. Cut your video into several parts or create dynamic teasers to attract and maintain the attention of your audience. Make sure that your video will be accessible at the time of the presentation. If the Internet connection is uncertain, store it locally directly on your computer.

Discover the Mistakes to avoid in the creation of a video presentation

The video duration

The duration of your video is defined according to the volume of information to be presented but also in relation to the broadcasting medium. It is preferable to divide the presentation of your products or services into several short and punchy videos rather than highlighting all the information in a single video that will not be viewed in its entirety.

The way the elements are animated

You can create your video from one of your communication supports. However, the whole point of transforming your Powerpoint into a video is to visually improve the transmission of information. Thus, the animation of your graphic elements should not be simplistic, and the final rendering should not resemble a sequence of animated slides. To avoid this, take care of the appearance of the graphic elements and pay particular attention to transitions.

The density of the message

Your communication media are sometimes overloaded with information. Video allows a better diffusion of messages as long as the volume presented is limited. If the information is too complex, extend the length of the video or add a voice-over to lighten your creation visually. Figures can be presented using animated graphics and texts as computer graphics. Finally, if you wish to highlight several products/services, or take the time to detail your various functionalities, opt for a mini-series of short videos.

The Minidoc video agency will accompany you

Capitalize on the work done

Organising your ideas and structuring them in your communication media is a real investment. Take advantage of the work carried out with the support of the Minidoc agency. A project manager will be your single point of contact to accompany you from the validation of the brief to the delivery of your final video.

Stay focus on high added value tasks

Concentrate on your core business. You have already done a significant part of the work by synthesising the elements that will be highlighted in your video. The Minidoc audiovisual production agency takes over and reorganises the elements in order to come back to you with the script. Once this brief has been validated, you will receive the V1 of your video in 5 working days.

Control your costs

Minidoc is the transparent alternative for your company's video needs. Transform your PPT into a one-minute video for 500€ excl taxes. Depending on your needs, add a voice-over for 150€ excl taxes or subtitle your video for 50€ excl taxes per minute.


Paul Gauducheau
Paul Gauducheau
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