Pourquoi sous-titrer une vidéo corporate ?
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Pourquoi sous-titrer une vidéo corporate ?

Paul Gauducheau
Paul Gauducheau
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You've made a great corporate video for your company and done everything you could to promote it. You have shared it on the different pages of your social networks. You have optimised the title as well as the description of your video. You promoted it to your customers and prospects. But your video is struggling to be successful and you are not getting the results you hope for?

Although the first step in the success of a video lies in its audiovisual content, there is one detail you may have forgotten: the insertion of subtitles!

Subtitles have become an essential element in the world of audiovisual and social networks. In this article, we explain in detail all the particularities of subtitles and their importance for your corporate videos.

The need for subtitling of corporate videos

Subtitles can have a significant effect on the success of your videos. This is true for movies, TV shows, videos on social networks and any other type of video you might make and share. On the other hand, too much information in subtitles will have the opposite effect and cause your audience to give up watching your videos (see our article on pitfalls to avoid). 

So why are subtitles so important? Let's look at why you should add them to your corporate videos and what are the best ways to do it.

Types of corporate videos

There are several types of videos that you can use for the benefit of your business. We have found for you the top 10 most successful corporate videos on the web: 
- The advertising spot
- The explanatory video
- The product demonstration
- The corporate culture video
- Behind the scenes" video
- Customer testimonials
- The employee portrait
- The web series
- The mini documentary or branded short film 
- The vlog

Having identified the type of corporate video that will best suit your project, let's now look at why your videos need subtitles.

Making your video content accessible to the hearing impaired

More than 6 million French people are deaf or hard of hearing. This is an audience that you will not reach if your videos are not subtitled. In order not to prevent or exclude potential prospects or customers from watching your videos, it is imperative to include subtitles.

The majority of videos are viewed without sound

Although useful for the hearing-impaired, subtitles are also very much appreciated by everyone. Facebook, the world's most used social network, estimates that 85% of videos are watched in silent mode. Videos on Facebook as well as Instagram start automatically without sound. With videos getting shorter and shorter, it has become almost pointless to turn on the sound on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Users can thus view audiovisual content on the move or at the workplace without disturbing people in the vicinity.

Although the soundtrack of some videos is an important part of the quality of the final production, it should be borne in mind that some users will not be able to access them. If your video is incomprehensible without the sound, there is a good chance that some users will not view your production in its entirety.

Improving understanding through subtitles

Your audience is made up of different profiles of people who will not retain the same elements of your video. When viewing your video, two types of memories will come into play. The auditory memory, which allows you to memorize while listening, and the visual memory, which is done through playback. This is where subtitles come into play. People who learn best through reading will get more out of your videos if they are subtitled. The combination of video and text is highly effective and will attract more people than the video itself.

Internationalise corporate videos effectively

On online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime, you have probably seen the subtitles available for thousands of films, series and other video content in many languages.

Consider the language of your target audience when making your videos. Don't hesitate to offer subtitles in several languages. If you have the option, you can also provide voice-over and text animations.

Subtitles extend the reach of your video

Another study conducted by Facebook revealed that captioned videos were 17% more popular than uncaptioned ones. They had 14% more audience share, 18% better reactions and 27% more call to action conversions. 

These results clearly show that subtitles make a big difference in the way people watch, react to and engage with your videos!

Impact of subtitles on Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Subtitles are of considerable importance in video marketing. They are particularly related to search engine optimisation (SEO), which they affect directly and indirectly. 
A direct impact is achieved by helping search engines to "read" the video and to better reference your content according to certain keywords. Indirectly, subtitles improve SEO by increasing the engagement of the video, extending the playback time of the video and allowing users to spend more time on your website.

Subtitles and search engines

It is impossible for a search engine like Google to view a video and understand its content. The only information it can browse is the text it is assigned, so you need to add a few contextual elements to your video.

Here are a few examples of texts that Google can analyze:
- Title of the video
- Description
- Annotations
- Call to action
- Keywords

Keyword strategy for video subtitles

Thanks to subtitles, the visibility of the keywords in your video becomes more important. Your content is then reconsidered by search engines with keywords that are not in the tags, descriptions or titles, but are mentioned in the subtitles of your corporate video. 

Since most online videos are not subtitled, there is a huge room for improvement thanks to the keyword strategy. SEO is particularly important for video because Google mainly favours explanatory videos at the top of its list of search results.

When you put the keyword strategy into practice in your script, you can increase search traffic by using transcript. If you are trying to target people looking for your new "coffee shop", for example, you can work on relevant keywords such as "coffee in Paris" and "coffee to go".

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The advantages of Minidoc videos

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Paul Gauducheau
Paul Gauducheau
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