Which production agency choose for a corporate film?
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Which production agency choose for a corporate film?

Alice Berges
Alice Berges
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To define the production agency that will best meet your demand, it is important to anticipate your needs and to understand what differentiates the production companies from each other. The support, the quality of the rendering, the price or even the management of your project will all be impacted by this decision. Discover in this article how to differentiate one agency from another and make your choice as serenely as possible.

Support of the production agency

Choosing to be accompanied by an agency in the realization of your audio-visual production does not guarantee a similar quality of support between agencies. To find out more about how the proposed system works, don't hesitate to ask the production companies about the proposed work methodology or the people who will be in charge of your project.

Understand the internal methodology

Audio-visual production agencies offer the production of videos and promotional films. To realize these creations, several trades are involved. For the shooting phase, cameramen, sound engineers or an artistic director may be involved. For the post-production phase, editors, motion designers and graphic designers are involved. The project manager generally acts as the link between the client and the various parties involved. Other trades may be involved depending on the project. Questioning the production companies involved will allow you to judge the support provided in terms of the skills mobilized on your project.

Define your audience

You will certainly not be in direct contact with all the professions involved in the creation of your audio-visual production. It is decisive to be able to supervise the person(s) in charge of your project beforehand. Choose an agency that offers you a single point of contact to avoid loss of information. This point of entry with the agency must be able to answer all the questions you have or, failing that, it must be able to ask the right contact to get back to you without wasting time.

Anticipate the quality proposed by the production agency

It is always difficult to anticipate the quality of the final deliverable. However, some clues can help you to plan ahead when choosing a service provider. For instance, the software used, the examples or the proposed customization can guide you in your decision.

The software used

It's a good idea to ask the selected production agencies the name of the software that will be used to make your video. Motion design videos are typically produced using Adobe After Effect and edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. Other software may be involved in the design of your production. Some agencies also offer to produce your video using motion design builders. These software programs offer video templates and a library of graphic elements. The use of these tools will limit the customization of your video.

Examples of realizations

In order to project yourself more easily, you can ask the production agencies to provide you with examples of realizations. You can ask specifically for videos from your sector of activity or, more broadly, for videos based on format, duration, dynamism or graphic style. If you have examples of projects in mind, share them with the production companies so that they can send you similar examples. These approaches will allow you to judge the experience of the partners involved. Furthermore, these initial exchanges will give you the opportunity to judge the responsiveness of these respondents.

Customization of the final rendering

The level of tailoring of your video will be correlated with the quality of the deliverable. Will a specific theme be developed for your video? Will the design phase involve the creation of a storyboard? Ask your interlocutors to specify the level of customization that will be brought to your project. Customization is also an issue during the editing phase of your video creation.

The cost of the accompaniment of the service provider

By doing your first research, you will certainly quickly notice the opacity of the pricing. As this is an artistic creation, it is not necessarily obvious for the production company to anticipate the number of hours that will be devoted to your video. Estimates will vary between a few hundred and several thousand euros. In order to understand these variations, make sure that the service providers specify the approach used to arrive at the price of their quote.

Know how to understand pricing

Production companies estimate the number of days required to complete your project. They then multiply it by the average daily rate of the employee(s) in charge of your project. Some agencies also seem to adjust their estimates according to the size of your company or your budget. Take the time to compare the quotes, to have your interlocutors justify the announced rates. Beware, some agencies are not only specialized in video production, they do not have the internal agility to offer you the best rates.

Align your request to your budget

To fit your request to your budget, you can therefore reduce the duration of your audio-visual production or limit options such as voice-over and subtitling of your video. In addition, you can work upstream during the development phase of your script to limit the support of the production company and its associated costs.

The commitments of the production agency

The production agency in charge of your project should be able to commit to the deadlines for completion as well as to the management of touch-ups. These elements will allow you to understand the level of support offered and the methodology used.

Delivery times

For a motion design production, the production deadlines to be defined are between the reception of your information and the validation of the script. They are also between the validation of the scenario/storyboard and the delivery of the first version of your video. Finally, it is important to define the time needed by the production agency to carry out each round trip of retouching. This last delivery time is more complicated to anticipate as it will depend on the volume of retouching required.
The same attention should be paid to the production time for a promotional film. However, the reference to adopt is the date of the end of shooting.

Editing management

After the delivery of your video or promotional film, you will enter the retouching phase. Before launching your project, you must define the terms of this step. You can ask your partner about the number of possible returns or the volume of changes authorized.

Minidoc production agency by your side

The Minidoc production agency will accompany you step by step through each of the stages necessary for the realization of your project. You will have a single point of contact, a transparent pricing system as well as an expertise built around several experts in audio-visual creation.

A single point of contact

Minidoc is a video and promotional film production agency that pays particular attention to the quality of the follow-up offered to its clients. A project manager will be in charge of accompanying you and liaising with the artistic director, the lead motion designers and the graphic designers. This real conductor will also coordinate the filming phase in the case of a promotional film.

Transparent pricing

Minidoc video agency is the production company at freelance price! A posted and extremely competitive pricing to allow all purses to develop the video support. Depending on your project but also on your budget, you have the possibility to add or remove options.

A processed expertise

Graphic designer, motion designer, editor, art director, cameraman, drone pilot or sound recorder, the talents of the Minidoc agency are numerous. The production company has chosen to remain focused on audio-visual production. As a result, delivery deadlines, shooting management and support in all stages of the creation of your production are the daily business of the Minidoc agency.


Alice Berges
Alice Berges
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