Writing the voice-over for a video in motion design
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Writing the voice-over for a video in motion design

Ayméric Boullé
Ayméric Boullé
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While creating your motion design video, you will have to ask yourself whether integrating a voice-over or not. Although this element is not essential to all projects, it is important to understand its role and its impact on the final result. A talented voice-over actor and the quality of the recording can make a big difference to the success of your motion design video, by attracting potential clients and giving your brand a professional image.
Here are our tips for writing your voice-over script.

Why use a voice-over for your videos?

When it comes to making an animated video with a voice-over, it is important to ask yourself why and how it could contribute to the success of your production. The audio of a video is just as important as the quality of the video, as it uses hearing in addition to sight. However, no matter how talented the narrator is, he or she will remain dependent on the quality of the script. Writing an excellent voice-over script is therefore essential to attract and retain the attention of your audience.

What is a voice-over ?

In order to understand the importance of using a voice-over for motion design videos, it is necessary to recall its definition. A voice-over is a narrative method used in films, video games or commercials, which aims to make the voice of an invisible character speak during a shoot or scene. The narrator guides his audience through the key moments of the film. It is systematically part of the action, of which it is a determinant or explanatory component.

For what type of video

If you wish to make a teaser or a short video about an offer, it is not necessary to add a voice-over. The format in which the video is broadcasted is also decisive. If you wish to carry out a campaign on digital signage screens, there is no need to add a soundtrack. If, on the contrary, your video will be broadcasted on social media, on your website or on the Internet, the addition of a voice-over will be relevant.

Dynamize the video

A voice-over adds character and authenticity to a video. It makes it possible to visually lighten the scenes and in particular the texts. Its action will reduce the length of the video by developing the arguments that will be illustrated by the animations. By adding a voice-over, you simplify the transmission of key messages to your audience. Indeed, important information will be animated and the voice-over will ensure the logical transition between scenes.

Encourage call to action

The aim of the "Call to action" (CTA) is to convert the audience into customers. Call to action is used in explanatory videos to motivate the audience to take action. 

A voice-over, especially in motion design videos, is used to better convert CTAs into potential customers. To increase your CTA click rate, use clear, convincing and applicable words (e.g. order, act, adopt, visit, send, join). The use of persuasive language is ideal for giving your potential customers a sense of urgency and that they need to act immediately. For example, use the words: "Today", "Instant", "Now".

Reduce the amount of text in the video

Although subtitles are essential to your corporate films, and most videos are viewed without sound on the main social media, a voice-over is also an element not to be forgotten. Some people are more sensitive to voice-overs than subtitles because there is no disturbing text on their screen, so they can follow the information more easily when they listen to it rather than when they read it, and therefore don't risk missing a whole sentence or two by looking away for a moment. 

Furthermore, where there are several speakers or characters, the use of different voices allows viewers to clearly distinguish between the speakers and understand the dialogue more easily. Before you decide to include a voiceover in your motion design videos, ask yourself: what type of video you want to make,  about the complexity and technicality of it, about your target audience, and about where and how you will broadcast your video. 

How to write the script of a voice-over?

Do you have an idea for a motion design video that you would like to produce? You don't know how to structure the content of your video? Do you want to add a professional voice-over to your video? Here are a few steps to follow when writing the voice-over script. 

Elaborate the plot

Sometimes it can be difficult to start writing the story and the message you want to get across. On a piece of paper or on your computer, write down what will form the basis of your story by asking yourself these questions:
Who? - this could be the main character in the story.
What? The product/service or major event.
Where and when? Define the key time and place. 
Why and how? Develop a problem or a reason and come up with solutions that the company offers.  

By answering these four questions you will obtain the skeleton of your script which will serve as a guide to develop the narrative framework. 

Here are a few examples:
Introduce one or more protagonists: "This is Paul. And this is his dog, Ralfy. Paul and Ralfy are looking for a new flat."Evoke a problem: "The Martins would like to move out. But they don't know where to start looking for a new home." Then present your company's solution.

Make it short and simple

When writing your voice-over for your videos, be as brief and precise as possible. Unnecessary information and long sentences may annoy people who stop watching your video. A length of 1 to 2 minutes is sufficient for your motion design video. 

Count an average of 8-10 words per sentence. If you decide to add more, you are taking the risk that the narrator will start talking ridiculously fast, which will inevitably have an unpleasant effect. If you come up with long sentences, try to cut them into 2 or 3 segments or alternate long and short sentences in your script. This way, your text will have the right rhythm.

Use spoken language

If you are writing a text for an advertising spot, a company film or an explanatory video, you will need to use spoken language. The story should be written as if you would tell it to someone face to face. Visualise your target audience and write your text like a speech. 

Make sure that your script can be formulated in the most pleasant way possible. Be careful to avoid complex sentences and expressions. Formal language and professional jargon should also be avoided. Write as clearly as possible. 

Choose a professional voice-over actor who will be able to add the right tones and pauses if necessary. If the voice-over is unattractive, dull and low in tone, the audience may not be interested.

Reading out loud again

Once your voiceover script has been written, the final step is to read it over and over again. To make sure that your text is not missing anything or if something needs to be deleted, have someone else read it. Reading the script aloud will allow you to hear if everything sounds right, if what is written works or if a few sentences are too long. Make sure you also correct grammatical errors. A simple spelling mistake, forgetting a capital letter or punctuation can make the text difficult for the narrator to read. The tone of the text could change the meaning of the script.

Making a motion design video with a voice-over at Minidoc

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Ayméric Boullé
Ayméric Boullé
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