Video interview

Do you want to shoot a film or an interview? You filmed an interview, but you do not have the inner resources to make a striking video? Order your corporate film on Minidoc in a few clicks and quickly receive a professional creation.

Interview, a striking video format

The video format is used increasingly for business communication. It allows you to highlight your offer, your values but also your successes, on your website, your social networks or even on your premises.

Video interviewing is a great way to highlight the testimonials of your clients or people, in your business. You’ll have enough to share your values and your successes, with your audience.

With Minidoc, you can order your interview’s editing in a few clicks, to obtain a professional and genuinely striking result.

Our video interview production service

We offer to support you while creating your video interview, with a fast and straightforward ordering system.

Do you wish to film an interview or possess the ideas and images, but you don't have the technical resources to create your edit? Assign your elements to the Minidoc teams and we shall take care of the rest. While ordering, you can select the options of your choice (voiceover, delivery time, etc.) and send us all the information you have. Following which, our creative teams handle the filming and editing of your interview, while respecting the graphic universe of your company.

If you’re lacking inspiration, don't panic. We suggest you select options such as scenario creation, to gain complete support, while realizing your video interview. This is enough to obtain a professional result, which shall seduce your audience and catch your target’s attention.

How to order your video interview production on Minidoc?

On Minidoc, the ordering process for the interview video production is quick and easy. To do so, simply follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Choose the type of promotional film format to make your video interview
  • Step 2: Choose the duration and the number of ½ day filming.
  • Step 3: Select options, to enrich your content. Script development, voice-overs, subtitles, delivery times… It’s your choice.
  • Step 4: Validate your order and send us your graphic information (images, graphic charter, logo…).

After receiving your request, we shall start making your video interview. A first delivery is sent within five working days of the shooting date.

3 reasons to choose Minidoc

Would you like to entrust us with the production of your video interview? Here are three good reasons to help you take the plunge.

Our agency specializes in making corporate films. Since our establishment, we have designed hundreds of interviews for clients from various backgrounds. We have developed a genuine expertise and are able to provide you with professional quality content.

When you hear the word agency, you immediately think of steep rates. At Minidoc, our prices are transparent and fair. You don't pay more than what you would to a freelancer, for a quality result.

Do you need to get your interview done quickly? Do you have special requests? Our video interview production service adapts to your requirements. While ordering, you can give us the details of your project and select multiple options. The first version of your project will be delivered to you in less than a week. We have designed a simple and easy-to-use platform, to allow you to order your video interview through just a few clicks.

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