The company presentation video

In order to highlight your company, your products, and your value proposition, we suggest that you design your company presentation film using Minidoc. A professional and responsive service, to obtain an impactful communication tool.

Why make a film presenting your company?

Today, the biggest challenge for companies is to succeed in standing out, given the increased competition, in almost all sectors. Traditional communication media (posters, flyers, leaflets, etc.) do not necessarily help you get in touch with your targets quickly. To engage your audience and maintain their interest, video presentation is the ideal tool. Dynamic, illustrated, striking… This communication medium can be used on your website, on screens in your company or with partners, or even on social networks.

For several years, social networks have become key communication tools for all companies. Whether in B2B with platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter or in B2C with Facebook or Instagram, you must use these to reach your target. On these platforms, the video presentation format is the most efficient and gains great success compared to still visuals, for example.


Our various company presentation films

To help you create your professional business presentation film, we offer different styles of video, depending on your needs.

This is the most basic creation style. It combines video images, titles, and voiceovers. It allows you to present your company, your employees, your way of functioning, etc. Low-key, it can be very effective in highlighting your company. It can also be used to present a specific product or to review an event.

Motion design is a popular creative style. Dynamic, rhythmic, modern… It has a graphic style, with text animations and vector visuals. It is mainly suitable for videos presenting products, concepts or highlighting the values of a company. If you are hesitating between promotional video and motion design, you can combine the two styles to design your corporate presentation film. A professional and striking result, which will appeal to your audience.


Order your video on Minidoc

Want to quickly get your presentation video? Order in a few clicks, on Minidoc. How to go about it? It's simple! Follow the next few steps:

  • Select the content type of your choice but also the graphic style that suits you best.
  • Select options (voiceover, script, express delivery, etc.)
  • Submit your elements (logo, graphic design, video content, etc.).

Once these three steps are completed, you just have to wait to receive a first version of your company presentation film. This will be sent to you within 5 working days. Want to make changes? No problem, our teams fine tune the content based on your feedback.

For several years, Minidoc has been producing thousands of presentation videos. Professional films delivered within very reasonable deadlines. All at a fair price, same as those charged by freelancers. Through our simple and easy-to-use platform, you can order your product with just a few clicks. After receiving your request, our teams begin creating your company presentation film. Creativity, responsiveness, and professionalism are our hallmarks!

Our creations

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