The product video presentation

Merchants, e-merchants, services ... Showcase your company's products with professional quality product presentation videos. Classic editing, motion design… Order the creation of your choice on Minidoc, in a few clicks.

The advantages of a product presentation video

Whether it is on the Internet or at your store physically, you are used to promoting your products through classic communication tools, such as flyers, posters, leaflets, eBooks, photos… In short, everything what your competitors are already doing too.

To stand out and enhance your products in a unique and dynamic manner, opt for the product presentation video. An original format, in which you can show things from all the angles and highlight its features and qualities. On Minidoc, you can order your customized product video in just a few clicks.

Our different styles of product video

To get a product video that matches your business image, we offer several creation styles. Classic Film or motion design, it’s your choice.

If you have beautiful images of your products, you can put them to good use by turning them into an attractive product video. To do so, order the editing of your product presentation video on Minidoc, and choose the options that are of interest to you, such as adding a voiceover, subtitles, music…

You don’t have the technical means to film your products or don’t have quality images? Motion design can be a remarkably interesting alternative. We offer to animate graphic elements and titles, and present your products to your audience, in a modern and unique manner.

Choose Minidoc for your product video

Minidoc is a professional product video creation service, that produces hundreds of videos each year for a variety of businesses. Our commitment? Allow you to obtain a quality product presentation video, at a fair and transparent price, within attractive deadlines.

As each company is unique, we offer a product presentation video that is perfectly in keeping with your communication and your company's graphic design. While placing your order, you can select various options and provide us with all the elements you have, to allow us to design a tailor-made product video.

We will send you a first version of your product video within 5 working days, which we can modify based on your feedback. At the end of our service, you get the final version of the video in high definition, which you can then directly use on your various communication media: screens, website, social networks ...

At Minidoc, we base our offer on an idea based on clarity and transparency. You know exactly what you are ordering and how much it is going to cost you. No hidden costs or lengthy delays. We keep our promises, you pay the right price.

Don’t wait up and order at Minidoc

Are you ready to get started? Place your product presentation video order in just a few clicks, on our platform. To do so:

  • Select the desired video style (product video, interview, company film, service presentation, etc.)
  • Add the options of your choice (delivery time, voiceover, subtitle, scenario, etc.)
  • Provide us with the various elements useful for the creation (logo, graphic design, images…).

Trust Minidoc to support you in your product video project.

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