Promotional video

Promotional video is a key communication medium which is used today on a website, but also on social networks, during presentations, conferences, showrooms, etc. Promotional video is a striking tool that catches the eye, attention and makes it much easier to memorize the information which is passed on.

It is a precious tool that makes it possible to make a subject much more tangible, give a name to a face, an identity to a brand, and much more! However, it’s important to lean on a professional to make a striking video.

A story to tell with the promotional video

Promotional video is often a short format that we shall use rather than web, which is why we must head straight to the point and pass on the information we wish to convey as quickly as possible, while maintaining the attention of the public. Thus, this is a subtle art that will be based on image and sound of course, but also on the ability to tell a story.

Indeed, storytelling is key for a successful promotional video and this work must be done before filming and fine-tuned by communication experts. This is the only way it’ll be possible to bring this story to life and create unique content which will be able to promote its product, service, or brand.

Minidoc Expertise

At Minidoc, we encourage you to benefit from our expertise and our experience, while creating your promotional video. Through the storytelling work, we examine the various possibilities with you, which we can implement to tell a gripping and striking story, that is also in keeping with your brand and DNA.

Following which, we’ll be able to submit our first proposal and you can then give us your opinion, suggest modifications or improvements, which will allow us to work hand in hand and achieve the desired result! You can then benefit from your video and manage the broadcasting of it through the various platforms and social networks, to pass on the desired message.

A promotional video is a very strong and impactful tool for your audio-visual communication, and it is important to turn to a professional who masters this medium and who shall be able to decipher and understand your various expectations.

At Minidoc, we put our expertise at the disposal of your needs, and you can also check out several of our achievements to get an idea of what a promotional video can be and this way plan ahead, according to your project.

If you aren’t sure that this is the best format for you, feel free to get in touch and we shall discuss about the ways to pass on your message, across the target audience. Our creativity is at your disposal to support you with your project!

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