3D, everyone is talking about it and it has become an essential technique to offer a new dimension strictly speaking and a more captivating visual experience. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to overcome physical and technical constraints to enhance your image and that of your products and services.

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3D video

Video is omnipresent in search results, which shows a greater interest of Internet users for this content format. It is more attractive and above all more captivating than a text page or one containing illustrations.


No one can deny that 3D animation videos are visually much more immersive. Companies have a considerable advantage for their presentations of innovative products and concepts.


By using the illusion of depth perception, they develop a new approach, between pedagogy and storytelling.

3D video

The advantages of 3D

Uniqueness, modernity, dynamism, there is no lack of qualities to present the advantages of 3D for companies. It is also an opportunity, thanks to 3D videos, to stand out from the competition and to provide a unique and eye-catching vision of your products and services.

3D is truly everywhere, especially in animated films, which is inspiring advertisers and marketing professionals. Using 3D video for your company means giving it a modern image. For older brands, it's about dusting off and bringing their company into the present.

A 3D video, whatever the field of use (product presentation or corporate film in particular), is the guarantee of a dynamic and eye-catching format, in the spirit of the times. It is the format that is in tune with the times, especially if the soundtrack contributes to the atmosphere.

A format in tune with its time

3D video offers viewers a totally new viewing experience with innovative content. The realism of the 3D renderings truly immerses the audience in a specific, unique and emotionally rich atmosphere.

Watching a 3D animation brings a host of emotions such as interest, admiration, surprise or curiosity thanks to a technology that is both convincing and impressive. Thanks to technical developments, 3D can only get better and better and will always manage to surprise and create magic in the eyes of visitors. The originality of 3D videos also makes it possible to captivate the audience even more than a conventional film.

Unique video content

Companies generally have a budget for marketing and advertising that can be substantial. 3D animation of a company's or brand's products and services is a credible alternative, especially as it goes further in communicating a comprehensible message.

Thanks to 3D, you can see the products you like from all angles. Major brands, such as cars, allow you to handle the object and examine it in detail, choose colours and options. The educational nature of the video also allows you to discover new services and ideas that are beneficial to the public.

Enhancing your product/service

Your 3D video with Minidoc

Minidoc is an audiovisual production agency that has been in business for several years and focuses on producing high-quality professional videos. We also produce 3D video to meet all your expectations in terms of uniqueness, user experience and promotion of your company.

A dedicated team

In order to guarantee the best service to your company or marketing department, we will assign you a project manager. This person will be your unique interlocutor from the first contact to the completion of your professional video. He or she will be in charge of a team of specialists, each of whom is an expert in his or her field: graphics, animation, soundtrack and, of course, the implementation of 3D.

A dedicated team

A detailed planning schedule

At Minidoc, we are committed to delivering your video within 5 working days following the confirmation and the reception of your elements. From that point on, we put in place a precise schedule of all the tasks that need to be completed before D-day.

Each of our videos follows a multi-stage development process:

  • Definition of the project and writing of the script (with and without voice-over).

  • Creation of the storyboard

  • Illustration, animation (here in 3D)

  • Post-production and fine-tuning of the final details.

A detailed planning schedule

The best 3D rates

Transparency is one of our key values at Minidoc. We strive to build a lasting relationship with each of our clients based on sincerity, particularly in terms of the rates we charge. Moreover, our rates are among the most competitive on the market: a commitment of quality at a freelance price.

Choose from our packages and options to suit your needs and benefit from our expertise, which has already made leading companies in their respective markets successful. Our pricing works on a per-minute basis, allowing you to budget accurately and without surprises.

The best 3D rates