What is the price of a motion design video? By Minidoc
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What is the price of a motion design video? By Minidoc

Aurélien Deslandes
Aurélien Deslandes
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A motion design video pricing can be difficult to interpret if you are new in motion graphics. The cost can vary, and it is sometimes hard to understand why. A multitude of service providers offering several options are made available to you and it is important for you or your business to precisely define your needs in advance while choosing the right partner. 

The pricing differences of motion design providers explained

The difference of prices of a same motion design video project are often consequent. Why is this so? These variations are the result of production time, support, quality and also the way the service providers operate. From one customer to another, prices will not necessarily be the same for an equal realization. Service providers sometimes take into consideration the size of the client company as well as their announced budget to inflate the proposed quotes. 

Understanding the elements that impact the final price is therefore essential. Besides accompaniment, an important element that is to be taken into consideration is the length of your video. No economy of scale can be operated by your service provider as the motion design need to correspond to the creation and animation of graphic elements. Subsequently, the more it will cost if the realization time is longer. 

The price differences between providers will also be justified by the proposed quality of the motion design. There will be some indications that will allow you to make your choice even if it is difficult to determine beforehand what will the end result of your project. For example, you can ask for samples or previous achievements and realisations or even the tools that will be used for your motion design. Professional tools such as After Effects will help you determine if the provider will achieve the best result. 

Find the right service provider

It is essential to determine the desired level of support and accompaniment so as to define the best budget for your video project. Once determined, it will allow you to select the right partner to work and be involved with. There are three options available to you for the realization of your motion design projects: the audio-visual production agency, the freelance and the motion design builder 

The audiovisual production agency

Choosing an audiovisual production agency is best if you want to have a better quality of support. The agencies will generally have a dedicated contact person who will liaise between you and the production team. A significant cost is generated following the quality of the service. Some agencies are not always or enough transparent in their quotes where some of them can opt for production via motion design builders resulting in competitive prices to the detriment of personalization and quality of final rendering. 

There are three ways in which video production agencies calculate their pricing. The method that most agencies use, and which is more common is to be charged per day or ½ day. With this method it is difficult for you to estimate the number of days that will be required for the production. The second method is to receive an overall quote for the entire project which remains an opaque way of doing from agencies. The third method, which is a more transparent approach, is to clearly display the cost per minute as well as the other available options which will help you modify anything according to your needs.  

Proposed prices in agencies are generally as from €2,000 excl taxes for one minute of motion design. 

The freelance motion designer

Freelance motion designers’ services vary from one another and so is the end result quality, production deadlines and project management. Thus, it is difficult to assess the professionalism of the provider beforehand. Freelance services are not necessarily cheaper than agencies as the creation of a motion design requires the same time for both to do so. 

A freelancer will not only be in charge of producing your motion design but also of managing your whole project. In order to avoid any misunderstanding and additional time-consuming editing, the stages of production must be well defined. Moreover, to determine the professionalism and proper handling of the project, it is important to keep an eye on the methodology proposed by the service provider. 
Most of the time, freelancers propose pricings that correspond to a price per ½ day as from €1,000 excl taxes for one minute of motion design?

The motion design builder

Nowadays, some new online tools are available for companies to make videos for their social media channels by themselves. Templates are offered by those motion design builders to create animation. Some of them are available in the form of monthly subscriptions which is the best solution for a simple project, and which does not require much customization. Once you are satisfied with your video, you may personalize it with your logo, illustrative films, colours and save your video in any desired format.

Those motion design builders are often free to use but with limited features available. 

The reasonable price of my motion design

It is important to define the scope of your project in order to figure out how much your motion design video should cost you. There are three points that will allow you to choose the right service provider for your project. Firstly, you need to anticipate technical complexity, determine the accompaniment you will need and define the deadlines of delivery.

Complexity anticipation of the project

The elements to be animated will help you to assess the complexity of your project. What will make your project more technically complex to achieve are: animating characters, graphic elements and customization specific to your organisation. If you want to include a mascot to the motion design for example, you will need to create it from scratch and then animate it, which can be more complex and time-consuming. 

Outline delivery times

The cost of your project is strongly determined by the deadlines set for your motion design video. Shorter deadlines will require the participation of the whole team. Moreover, the service provider will need to be fully available for any modification to be made. Requesting the completion of your project within a tight deadline will lead your provider to overprice your project also if the pricelist is not displayed already by the agency or freelancer. Hence, it is important to anticipate the creation time of your video or to go with a more transparent service provider.

Indicate the options to integrate

A number of options can be integrated to boost you motion design video. A voiceover can be added to convey the desired message through the video for example. And if the agency does not offer voiceover options, they will need to contract out another service provider to do it which will impact production costs. Other options such as subtitles, video formats, purchase of commercial rights for music will definitely increase the price of your video.

Decide the necessary accompaniment

There is no necessity to be accompanied in the realization of your video if you have time and the right skills to write scripts and master motion design builders. A freelancer is the best option if you have time to invest in project management. Do not forget to mention the type of support you will need and the deadlines for each step. Choosing an agency is a turnkey solution but more costly at the end of the day. 

Choosing Minidoc agency

Positioned as a freelance price agency, Minidoc’s achievements, prices and options are transparently displayed on its website. This allows you to choose your desired video format, duration and the elements essential for the creation of your motion design project. Mindoc does not consider the size of your business or project for its pricing and the price will remain the same.

A privileged accompaniment

A single point of contact will be assigned to you in order to facilitate communication exchanges. The script of your video will be developed by the project manager together with the artistic director who will liaise with the traffic manager and the creative team. From launch to delivery, the project manager will accompany you at every step. 

Quality is our main concern

We have at heart to provide and deliver you the best achievement and we put everything together to realize your project. Our graphic designers develop unique and personalised designs that suits you and that will definitely boost your video and consequently increase your sales.

We offer competitive prices

We charge you €500 excl taxes for one minute of motion design. We offer a delivery time for the V1 of your video is 5 working days, two retouching and a royalty-free music with a simple and ultra-competitive pricing. Other options such as voiceover or subtitling can be added following your needs and requests.  


Aurélien Deslandes
Aurélien Deslandes
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