Our creations

Specialized in audiovisual communication, Minidoc always strives to entirely satisfy its clients and our creations are certainly the best proof of what we are capable of carrying out! Regardless of your project, we create audiovisual communication, which is in keeping with your needs and desires!

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The different types of audiovisual communication

Audiovisual communication can take different forms depending on the initial project, the target, the goal which needs to be achieved and the requirements. Therefore, we offer various communication formats which can be adapted according to the task given to us

The presentation is also a perfect format to present a service, a product, a concept through more details and why not even a scenario. This will make it possible to give key elements, to justify one’s approach but also give more detail while being dynamic, due to this type of audiovisual communication.

First of all, there is audiovisual communication devoted to the service, which shall aim to highlight the offer you wish to promote and the various services which are offered. In a short span of time, your target will perfectly understand the offer made to them not to mention its advantages.

The interview is also a very interesting format for the communication, mainly to explain one’s approach and desires, but also communicate more easily when it comes to the values of the company. This format also makes it possible to put a face, a person, behind a concept to humanize it.

Audiovisual product communication shall create video content designed to highlight your product. It can be showcased with examples of use, indications on the materials used and the various advantages offered by the presented product.

Promoting an even can also be carried out for audiovisual content to offer dynamic elements, while passing on various information concerning the event. This type of content will trigger desire to actually go to the event and experience it.

Last but not least, promotional content will allow people to discover and promote a place, product, or concept by highlighting its features and advantages to convince the audience.

Creations to plan ahead

Audiovisual communication speaks for itself, which is why our creations are important as they allow you to plan ahead. You will be able to discover the various types of content that we can implement, but also the different types of projects and clients that we have worked with. Due to which, you shall see that there are many clients and varied ones, because we are committed to offering our creations for all types of sectors and in finding the right tone, which suits our target the best.

Therefore, whether you are in the hospitality, B2B, assistance, accounting, agro-food, health, cosmetics or any other industry, we will find the perfect concept to create a visual communication which is in keeping with your area of expertise and your project. Adaptability is one of the key words at Minidoc, because we are committed about evolving constantly and going beyond our limits, to discover universes which are still unknown to us!

Take the time and have a look at our creations and imagine what we could build together and implement a striking video content which is in keeping with all your expectations!