Motion design is the creation and animation of graphic elements (texts, shapes, characters, computer graphics, images/illustrative films). The film almost always involves filming and is generally used to conduct interviews or cover a story.

You must first define your project: the format, the duration and then the video options. After which, we shall validate the scenario of your video together, before recovering all of your graphic elements. You will receive your first version, after 5 days!

Our prices include two round trips of editing, or 3 versions of your video. For each editing, you can make as many changes as you want! Any additional change will be invoiced at 50 € HT.

No worries! If you need some help to find ideas, the option "Scenario development" (200 € excl. taxes) will allow you to receive a complete narration proposal, made from our information form.

If you know what you want in terms of storytelling and visuals, this option is not useful to you and you can fill out our blank document yourself.

The duration of your video mainly depends on its significance: the objective is sometimes to be percussive and quick (commercial or promotion video of an event for example), or on the contrary precise and educational (for an explanatory video mainly). To present a product or service, do not exceed 3 minutes or opt for several videos.

We deliver your video to you in the format you want! The 16:9 format is the most common because it can be adapted to the majority of social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter). You can also get back your video in a second format, through the format variation option at 150 € HT.

We select the best freelancers from each region for the filming part. The assembly is carried out internally. This approach allows us to be more responsive and cover any geographic area. Forget about hidden travel and accommodation costs!

According to the criteria identified during your order (date, location, specific equipment), our team takes care of selecting, within our network, the perfect freelancer for the assignment. Using the brief, our cameraman handles the takes, which we process internally during the post-production phase.

It rather is. In order to offer the service that best meets your requirements, Minidoc offers to manage editing, post-production or your entire project.

We use Adobe suite software but mainly After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Each freelancer is equipped with a clip-on microphone and a 4K camera. Depending on your requirements, you can add additional lights, a stabilizer or even a drone.

We work with all kinds of structures: Start-ups, SMEs, large groups & communities. Minidoc adapts to the needs of its customers and maintains its promise: "Equal creation leads to equal price!"