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Do you need a video presentation in motion design of your activity? Want to get your corporate movie edited professionally?

Minidoc is the ideal professional and transparent audio-visual production agency for quick, customized not to mention quality video content.

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How does it work?

In order to make things easy for you, our audio-visual production agency has set up a simple platform to order your corporate films and videos in motion design. To do so, follow the following three steps.

Call with an expert
1. Call with an expert

You need a motion design video? To make an interview and a video editing? To create a corporate film? Let one of our experts advise/guide you in order to better define your needs.

Reserve a time slot

Online quote
2. Online quote

Do you need assistance in developing your script? Add a voice-over or subtitles to your video? To receive your film by express delivery? Follow the steps of the online ordering process.

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Validate your cart
3. Validate your cart

Validate your request and transmit your elements (logo, graphic charter). The first version of your video will be sent to you within 5 working days, following the reception of these elements.

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Available formats on Minidoc

Given that video creation requirements can vary, our audio-visual production agency offers various types of creations. Video in motion design or promotional film, choose from the various formats which are offered on our platform.

Motion design video

Dynamic and striking, video creation in motion design is one of the specialties of our audio-visual production agency. Therefore, we animate 2D and 3D graphic designs, typographies, sound elements or even visuals, to design a rhythmic video. This allows you to clearly pass on your message and catch attention through your many communication channels.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to be accompanied while writing a script, to add a voiceover to your video depending on the complexity of the presented service or to recover all the used source files.

Promotional film format

From your rush videos or after a shoot carried out by the Minidoc team, we shall post-produce your corporate movie. Video editors and motion designers will also take care of keying and animating, in order boost your promotional movie.

Depending on your requirements, you have the option of adding drone shots, additional lights or even a stabilizer during filming. Last but not least, in order to broadcast your video on social networks, you have the option of adding subtitles to your promotional film

Different kinds of videos

Want to know more about the style of video you can get with Minidoc? Check out our many creations and get a clear idea.

Our audio-visual production agency offers to make a video to present your company. Determine the format, duration, graphic universe, and options of your video while you place your order. You can then describe the key elements that you wish to highlight, to us.

Do you want to focus on one of your signature services or increase awareness of a branch’s business? We offer you a video dedicated to this purpose. This will allow you to effectively inform your audience and roll out your expertise to your target audience.

Draw inspiration from the interviews carried out by minidoc to build your video project. In order to boost your achievements or the various professions which highlight your company, not only can we film but we can also edit your videos. Consult our previous work to find out how to build your video project and anticipate the result that you wish to obtain.

Creating a video to highlight one of your products is a good idea. This will allow you to showcase your qualities and trigger more conversion. Product videos, created by our audio-visual production agency, can be used to portray your digital advertising campaigns.

If you organize customer events or internal corporate events, this can be an argument to harness, to nurture your brand image and promote recruitment. In order to do so, handle the shooting but also the post-production by accompanying you throughout the process, in order to make a striking film which highlights the best moments of your event.

Do you want to generate traffic on your site? Promote conversion? The video format suits these purposes. Opt for a promotional video, that highlights your activity, your products, with a catchy and enthralling tone. Enough to promote the interest of your audience.e.

Minidoc, expert audiovisual production agency

For several years, Minidoc has supported many companies of all sizes, in creating their motion design videos and in the production of their corporate films. Know-how and expertise that allows you to obtain quality content. The success of the service we offer leans on four pillars: quality, price, support, and delivery times for your video.

Our creative teams have produced hundreds of motion design videos, promotional videos, and corporate films over the past few years. Always attentive to our customers, our visuals evolve and include new graphics on a regular basis. Given our knowledge, we are able to offer timeless content, which you can continue using, for several years.

We have chosen a 100% transparent service in the relationship that we have forged with our customers. To do so, we clearly display our achievements, rates, and options to allow you to immediately define the cost of your video projects. Regardless of the size of the business, for equivalent realization, the rates shall be the same. Therefore, our customers are all on equal footing.

By using our service, you can be sure that you shall be obtaining top-notch content in a relatively short time span. It must be said that we are committed to creating and delivering the first version of your video, within 5 working days after receiving all your elements. Your satisfaction is our priority, thus you will have only one contact person, while your video project is being handled. So, don’t hesitate and order your video content now, on our platform in just a few clicks.

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